Swedish Sheepskin


Gotlamm sheepskins are from purebred Gotland sheep with beautiful shiny grey curls, while the mixed breeds have lovely grey and white patterns. Gotlamm also buys sheepskin from local producers with colors ranging from snow white to dark charcoal.


The sheepskin measures approximately 28x40 in (71x102 cm.) 

Care Instructions

Machine wash using a wool program at 30°C (86°F), or hand wash using a mild shampoo with pH 3.5-5.5. Let it dry hanging or lying over a rack. Stretch the skin gently. Use a damp cloth to remove minor stains.

Shake and air regularly. During snowfall, place the sheepskin with the curly side down and let it air for a couple of hours.  

From the Swedish Island of Gotland

The old Gotlamm stone farmhouse has been in the family for six generations with a documented history as a settlement since the Viking Age.

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